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We're on a mission to make the healthcare industry more efficient and sustainable.

We do this one animal MRI image at a time with a patented plug-and-play solution turning human MRI into an animal-dedicated one for veterinary clinics and preclinical research labs.

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Born in France, bound for an international presence

HawkCell is a startup that stemmed from French scientific excellence, and one of the world leading research institutions: the French CNRS. With a team of 70% scientists, we have developed a patented technology that augments MRI for animals, with unprecedented image quality, giving the first-ever animal-dedicated imaging solution for preclinical trials and veterinary clinics.


After consolidating our presence in Europe, we have the ambition to expand rapidly to the United States and Asia and become the undisputed leader of MRI for animals. Today, HawkCell is the only player offering augmented MRI solutions with strategic partnerships with the leading MRI manufacturers. In 2022, our playing field is a serviceable obtainable market (SOM) evaluated at +1 billion USD… a market growing at double digits YoY.


We’re on our way to raising series A funding to accelerate our international expansion.

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