Shaping the future of healthcare, one image at a time.

Animal imaging,

The HawkCell Tech

A unique MRI solution for better prediction, for animals and humans.

A plug-and-play solution turning human MRI into the first animal-dedicated imaging enhanced with AI algorithms.

We’re on a mission to transform the healthcare industry for the sake of animals and humans.

For Medical Researchers For Veterinarians

Healthcare, more efficient, more sustainable, seamlessly.

Better diagnosis

MRI images are 3 times more precise, faster operation through remote MRI competency center fully integrated with the tele-radiology partner of your choice.

A higher field of applications

90% of human MRI diagnosis are now available for animals too (oncology, cardiology, surgery,...).

Better ROI for healthcare professionals

Boost your MRI investment ROI by at least 50%. Boosted efficiency, and decreased animal-related costs.

Better animal welfare for a sustainable world

Shorter anaesthesia, non-invasive procedures, less CO2 emission.

A Plug and Play Solution


Our unique patented 3D-printed MRI coils adapted to the morphology of animals provide the highest image quality. Our proprietary animal positioner unlocks shorter anaesthesia for reduced risks.


With an added layer of AI, we expand MRI beyond anything you’ve seen before. Our quantitative and denoising algorithms reduce acquisition time while providing unmatched image quality.


Our expertise went into developing new sequences and protocols to optimize MRI image quality. We’ve proudly created a solution that reduces examination time from up to two hours to less than 30 minutes, with more precision and more care for animals. Boost your practice with our included training, support and remote MRI scanning solutions.

With us, veterinarians and preclinical research labs are trailblazing the future of healthcare.

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We are bringing the healthcare industry to a sustainable future.

With powerful imaging technology and predictive diagnosis, the new paradigm of health is here – one made for everyone.

More sustainable. More efficient. A win for all.

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