The first High Field MRI Accelerator dedicated to animals

HawkCell for Veterinarians

Finally, an MRI dedicated to animals

Today, it takes a veterinarian up to 2 hours to prep an MRI and it is often used only for neurological diagnosis. It’s a waste of your time, your expertise, and, more importantly, it sinks your profitability.

Our promise to veterinarians is to give you seamless access to a complex technology for faster, more precise images, and more scans resulting in a boosted ROI.

Leverage a wider field of application
Diagnose earlier, with more precision
Increase the ROI of your clinic within 6 months

The future of MRI is here

Plug & Play Technology

Our plug and play technology is compatible with all high-field MRIs and unlocks the true potential of your system – hardware for image quality enhancement and software for quantitative diagnosis.

Fast and easy setup

MRI scans have never been this fast with HawkCell’s proprietary animal protocols: less than 30 minutes. You’re not an expert in imaging? We’ll take care of you with HawkCell dedicated training. A problem during an exam? We’ll support you, in real-time, with HawkCell Remote MRI services and support.

Neurology was just the beginning

Open the field of diagnostics to much more than neurology: osteoarticular, cardiology, metabolism, functional imaging and more. For each application, HawkCell has developed unique protocols and patient holding systems to help you leverage the full potential of this solution, increasing your clinic’s profitability.

Precise and quantitative diagnosis

Boost the precision of your diagnosis and deliver better care for your clients and their pets. Images are more precise than ever, plus you’ll also receive quantitative information of the pathology imaged.

Better ROI for your practice

New applications + faster setup + higher precision = increased profitability. Veterinarians using HawkCell solutions report a positive ROI within 6 months.

Be a pioneer in the industry

Be at the forefront of animal care with the only MRI Technology adapted to the animal morphology and covering all applications. This is the tech you were waiting for.

A plug and play solution with unmatched support


Our unique 3D printed MRI coils are designed to improve image quality by a factor of two and are shaped to animal’s morphology for better, faster and less risky handling.


With an added layer of AI, this MRI goes beyond anything you’ve seen before. Our quantitative algorithms bring new biomarkers to the diagnosis of animal pathologies. Deep Learning algorithms improve image quality and help to predict the evolution of pathologies.


Our expertise went into developing new sequences and protocols to optimize MRI image quality. We’ve proudly created a solution that reduces examination time from over an hour to less than 30 minutes, with more precision and more care for animals. Boost your practice seamlessly with our included training, support and telediagnosis service.

How it works

A turnkey solution from purchase to installation

HawkCell is manufacturer-agnostic. If you are not equipped with an MRI yet, we can help you in selecting the manufacturer that fits your specifications and the best financing partner.


We’ll help you determine the best space for the machine in your clinic as well as set up the right workflow in the close vicinity of the system. We’ll also install the HawkCell software protocols.


One of our engineers will spend 15 days on-site to train you on the augmented MRI covering security, MRI protocols, artefacts, patient positioning, coils choice, and practical training. We’ll also set up the remote control functionality for real-time support during image acquisition.

Image acquisition

You’ll have access to a library of optimized protocols and we’ll support you in real-time if needed.

With us, they’re trailblazing the future of the veterinary industry

Boost your practice and provide better care.

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