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Unlock the full potential of MRI

Stellar trainings for the best use of your machine

The HawkCell solution comes with trainings for a safe and optimized use of your MRI.

HawkCell courses have been certified since 2022 with the QUALIOPI National Quality Standard on the French market to guarantee that your clinic can benefit from its OPCO training fund.

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Pratical informations

Modalities and delivery time of the training
The training agreement is signed by the parties involved after prerequisites validation
Delivery time of the training

In the case of the installation of an MRI system, the training time depends on the delivery and start-up of the MRI system. In the case of training for an existing MRI system, the training delivery depends on HawkCell’s activity schedule (generally between 2 and 4 weeks after the training agreement is signed).

For persons with disabilities

For any additional information or adaptations to be made for a person with disabilities, we invite you to contact our sales teams. The measures to be taken, necessary for training, will be defined jointly by the person concerned, his/her employer and the Training Centre’s disability advisor of the Training Centre.

Terms and conditions

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Key performance indicators

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